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How it works[edit]

This page is for placing orders such as "I want to sell 1 stack of diorite for 1 diamond" or "I want to buy 1 stack of redstone for 1 diamond". You can add such an order below, or if you see an order that matches your interest, you can arrange to meet the buyer/seller (probably in Rockport) for the exchange over Discord or Minecraft chat.

You don't have to use this page and can continue to trade anyway you like; this page is for connecting buyers and sellers and advertising prices/availabilities.

Please remove orders if you no longer wish to fill them.

Nether Quartz[edit]

  • farren_j: WT Sell Approximately 1k Nether Quartz, 1 Stack -> 2 Diamonds

Totem of Undying[edit]

  • farren_j: WT Sell 2 Totems of Undying, 1 Totem -> 1 Stack of Diamonds


  • Sporf: WT Sell 1 Stack, 1 Stack -> 1 Diamond


  • Sporf: WT Sell 1 Stack, 1 Stack -> 1 Diamond


  • Sporf: WT Sell 1 Stack, 1 Stack -> 1 Diamond


  • Sporf: WT Buy 1 Stack, 1 Diamond -> 1 Stack

Packed Ice[edit]

  • Lucas_G WT Sell Approximately 3.5k Packed Ice, 3 Stack -> 1 Diamond