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New Galaxy is the second city found by user BlessZePenguins after he found Rockport. It was officially founded on May 22nd, 2020. The city is owned by the New Galaxy Mining Corporation which sells terracotta under its subsidiary The Mesa Place. The city is the capital of the Queer Pride Federation.


The city of New Galaxy is one of the older settlements of the server.

Site Selection[edit]

Multiple sites for the site were surveyed for the founding of the city. The first was the desert directly north of Trans Pride Archipelago. This site was thought to be too close to the Spawn area. The second was the desert on the QPF's Homestead Island, which the TPA-New Galaxy rail route now goes through. This site was decided against due to the proximity to multiple mob farms.


  • Old Town
  • Government District
  • Historical District
  • Marina District
  • Carved Valley District
  • Metro District

New South Wales[edit]

New South Wales is a suburb of New Galaxy located to the southeast of the city. It is officially owned by the New Galaxy Mining Corporation like the city proper. It is also home to the New South Wales Defense Force and is a part of the QPF.