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Welcome to the Libcraft Minecraft Server! This server is a place for people throughout the big tent to enjoy Minecraft and politics with friends. We are strongly socially liberal, but we welcome people of many economic viewpoints.

The server is mostly vanilla, with a few minor plugins for quality of life. The server is owned by Sporf and administered by our government, referred to broadly as the "Server Authority." Our government is a Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy, comprised of Sporf, Parliament, the Executive, and the Judiciary. There are several political parties that compete for control of the government with varying platforms. Within the game, there are a multitude of cities, regions, and unincorporated territories allowing players to move to the types of places that best suit their playstyle.

Where Should I Begin?[edit]

When you spawn onto the server, you will be welcomed by your fellow liberals to the community. There are some free resources for new players just outside of spawn in chests that you can access. If you are new to Minecraft, we recommend you check out a few video tutorials to get you generally familiar with the game. If you are already familiar, you can get started! You can take a look at the above list of locations and see if any of them appeals to you. If you'd like to access those places, we have a comprehensive transit network of minecarts, or you can travel via the Nether. Otherwise, you can find a place of your own and start there! A few things to remember when you're starting out:

  • Don't be a dick. Don't steal or destroy other peoples builds or belongings, and don't kill them or their creatures. Please review our Community Guidelines for details.
  • Ask around before you build somewhere. Sometimes ownership can be difficult to discern, so it's best to ask people before you accidentally infringe on someone's property
  • If you need help with anything, don't be afraid to ask. We're all friendly here and would love to help a new player get started.
  • If you'd like, feel free to join our discord server for general minecraft discussion, off-topic discussion, minecraft politics, real-life politics, and much more.

We look forward to meeting you!

New World Order Regions[edit]

NWO Region registry -- for recording who lives in a region, used for discord rooms

New World Order Politics[edit]

There are currently no political parties, but the NWO UN General Assenbly is being held on every Saturday at 19:00 Eastern Standard Time.

NWO UN Proposals

NWO UN Commissions

Libcraft Main Regions[edit]


The political role playing on this server is complex, but it lends itself to great discussions and improvements for the server.

  • Parliament
    • Parliament consists of 9 members, with each member determined from a party list. The seat allocation is decided via a proportional representation voting system in each election.
    • Parliament can introduce and vote on laws that affect the server or its corresponding discord server. These laws are subject to constitutional review by the Judiciary.
    • Parliament oversees the Cabinet, who deal with day-to-day workings of the server.
    • Parliament's terms are three weeks, and there are no term limits.
  • Elections
    • Elections for parliament are held every three weeks, coups notwithstanding. These are open to anyone who plays on the server, and absentee ballots are available upon request.
  • Judiciary
    • The Judiciary consists of the Supreme Court and two Circuit Courts. These handle any constitutional challenges to laws, as well as criminal proceedings.
  • Laws and Constitution
    • Through a constitutional convention, a Constitution was finalized for the server. It can be viewed here (link). There are various other laws that apply to the server, which can be viewed here (link).

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